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Nail Cleaning Laser Device


COMPACT DESIGN: Lightweight and small enough to carry around. With the added benefit of portable power, you are guaranteed of your fungus treatment for nails anytime, anywhere; even while on the go.

FAST ACTION: Just 7-minutes of daily treatment per affected nail.

REVOLUTIONARY HOME TREATMENT: Innovative device now allows you to treat nail fungal infections from the comfort of your home. Just do it yourself at your own time and anywhere you like.

EASY, PAIN-FREE USE NAIL FUNGUS CURE: just place on affected nail, push a button and it does its magic for 7-minutes, nail fungus remover automatically shuts off once it's done. No pain, no complex procedures and no cleaning up afterwards.

SAFE BATTERY POWER: DC power is completely harmless. No risk of electric shock during use of nail fungus laser device. In addition, it is great for your power bill as it consumes negligible electricity during recharging. Backed by 12-month warranty.

SKU: 10000-27

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